Thursday, 27 August 2009

Red/blue shawl - Design B144

When I saw the pattern for this shawl I fell in love with it.  The photographs were beautiful and the shawl looked like it had wonderful drape.  I used the same yarn as recommended in the pattern, Rowan Linen Print in shade Crush.  Rowan Linen Print is a bulky chainette yarn and is 70% Rayon/30% Linen.

I began this knitting project on 26th August and finished it on 27th August 2009.  It was an easy knit, the pattern was simple and the yarn was soft.  I was so happy with it when I finished knitting and got on with the soaking and blocking and that is when disaster struck.  During the soaking process lots of dye leaked out of the yarn, not unheard of especially with blues and reds shades of yarn, but it did change the colour of the yarn quite a bit.  I pinned it out to open up the lace stitches and left it to dry out of direct sunlight or any kind of heat source.  When I unpinned it when it was dry I was so disappointed.  It was very stiff and rough feeling.  Instantly thinking that I had not washed all of the soap out I redone the whole soak and block process again, omitting any soap, it leaked even more dye and it still dried stiff and rough, like a towel that has been washed with no fabric conditioner.  For the high price of the yarn, I was not very happy.  Rowan discontinued production of the yarn shortly afterwards.