Saturday, 10 April 2010

Crocheted Lace Triangular Wrap - Design DK11

This design is published by Sirdar Spinning Ltd circa 2006 and recommends the use of Sirdar Duet yarn.  I got in touch with Sirdar about selling items that I make using their patterns and they advised me that as long as I don't mass produce then they have no problem with me selling what I make using their designs whatsoever.

I began crocheting this on 21st March using a 5.5mm crochet hook and Sirdar Duet in shade Chamois, a worsted weight yarn which is 56% Cotton/44% Nylon.  Its a lovely yarn to work with even though the shiny sections are very slippy.

The pattern is easy to get into once you understand how the motifs join together.  I love motif shawls but I hate yarn ends.  So many yarn ends.  I am sewing them in at the end of every row of motifs to avoid a big boring job at the end.  It makes it more bearable by breaking it down into smaller chunks.

The pattern says that 6 balls are required to make this shawl but I found that 5 would have been enough.  Rather than have 1 ball left over I decided to add an additional row of motifs, using up all of the yarn as the yarn is no longer manufactured.  I finished making this shawl on 8th April 2010, soaked and blocked it, which made it so much more smooth and uniform.  I have this yarn in blue, black, dark brown and white too.

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