Saturday, 4 June 2011

Silver Crochet Motif Shawl - Design S443

Following my enjoyment of making the aqua crochet motif shawl I decided that I would make another in silver grey and take the project with me on holiday to work on during the travelling and on the evenings when the children were in bed.  Because of our holiday, this is the reason why the fringing on the aqua shawl was left until I returned from our holiday.  I started this on 27th May and finished it 4th June 2011.

This time around I joined the motifs to each other using crochet stitches as I completed the final round of each motif.

I especially love the way that the shaping of this shawl allows the direct centre of the shawl to be at the nape of the neck whilst the two large motifs on either side shape beautifully around the side of the neck.

Aqua Crochet Motif Fringed Shawl - Design S443

I had bought some cones of 3 ply crepe yarn, one in silver and 4 in different shades/tones of blue.  I found a pattern that I liked in an old and rather hard-to-find shawl pattern booklet.  I started making this shawl on 15th May 2011 using aqua blue crepe yarn.  The design calls for 10 of the large 8" circular motifs and 6 of the smaller 3.5" square motifs.  Pattern calls for the motifs to be joined together by sewing, my favourite part of the job, not!  As there were no clear photographic instructions for this I decided to follow the pattern to the T  this time and sew all the motifs together as instructed.  Ha, now I see how they are joined next time I will join as I crochet the final round of the motifs.

The finished shawl appeared quite small (see the bottom far right photo above).  I decided that I would soak and block it now, before adding on the edging and fringing, to make sure that it is large enough and if its not then I can add an extra row of motifs.  The lace did open up enough to not need any extra motifs and so I added the edging and the fringing.

This is a stunning shawl and very different too and so I will make another one.  All finished bar the fringing on 24th May 2011.