Friday, 30 March 2012

Preparing pre-dyed Teeswater locks for spinning

I purchased 2 x 100g of mixed colour dyed Teeswater locks off Ebay.  When I opened the bags, I discovered that the locks were a bit mucky and sticky and so washed them and then let them dry before I could do anything with them.

Once they were dry I sorted them into colours as best as I could but given the fact that most of the long locks were dyed two colours, this was quite difficult but I did manage to sort into piles of blue/green, red/pink, red/white, red/yellow and red/green.

Using a metal dog comb, I teased out the locks, one at a time, by holding in the middle and working each end independently and combing out the knots and such just like you would with long human hair.  Out of the original 200g, I was left with 164g of combed locks which are ready for spinning.

I will write a separate blog post about the spinning of this Teeswater.

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