Friday, 15 June 2012

Shropshire Lambswool & Kid Mohair

I purchased some dyed roving from My Heart Exposed Yarns and Fibre.  I bought 100g of Shropshire Lambswool in colour-way "Mandy" and 70g of Kid Mohair in colour-way "Copper Halo".

I spun them as separate singles and I loved them both individually but decided to that I wanted to make another barber pole yarn and would ply them together.  

My barber pole yarn is 117g/164m and is a worsted weight yarn.  The left-over from the Shopshire Lambswool, I tried my hand at Navajo Plying, which is a form of 3-ply yarn made from a single ply using loops to create the 3 strands, and made a lovely bouncy yarn which is 53g/56m and also a worsted weight yarn.

I made a hat with my barber pole yarn.

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