Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Handpainted combed top

I've been shopping again for more pre-prepared spinning fibre.  I love the vibrant colours in this handpainted combed top, called "Joy" and it is 70% BFL (Bluefaced Leicester), 30% SeaCell. SeaCell is a cellulose based fibre containing seaweed and is breathable, soft and non-allergenic.

I split the top into two, down the middle lengthways, and spun two singles, each starting from opposite ends so that one started with pink and the other started with lilac.  By doing this it means that I will get different colours coming together when I ply.

I love the effect that I got from this, reminds me of the colours of the sweets in the jars on the shelves of The Candy Box, a shop from my childhood, especially the jar containing lots of layers, all different colours, of the rainbow coloured sugar crystals called Kali.

I needed to make something simple, but interesting, to show off the colours of the yarn and so I created this crocheted ripple effect cowl.

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