Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Alpaca - Amorcita

My third and final bag of Alpaca fleece from Aston Alpaca's was this pretty gingery brown from the fleece of girl Alpaca Amorcita, which is a Peruvian name and translates into English as "Little Love".

The total amount of fleece in the bags was 232g and after washing all the dust out I had 215g, 90g of which was "hair" and unsuitable for my spinning needs and so I made two pieces of felt with that.

The fleece which was nice and fine was long enough to put through my wool combs and I got 90g of lovely combed top to spin with.

I decided that I would make a 2ply yarn, spinning as fine as I could and I achieved an amazing 268m from my 90g and I am pretty impressed with how lovely and even my plying looks.

It took me a some time to decide what to make with this yarn but I went with a pretty lace edged shawlette, teaming the yarn with some size 8 Toho round seed beads in shade Silver Lined Milky Light Topaz both in the lace edging and on the tips of the picot cast off around the neck edge.

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