Friday, 24 January 2014

Falkland Fibre

I've been shopping with Mandacrafts again and this time I have bought some lovely Falkland fibre.  Now, confusing as this may seem there is not an actual breed of sheep called Falkland and the Island does not have its own native breed of sheep per se.  The term "Falkland" is just a reference to where the wool comes from geographically.  Most of the sheep on the Falkland Islands belong to one of a handful of breeds: Polwarth (a breed in its own right these days but originally 75% Merino and 25% Lincoln Longwool), pure breed Merino, Corridale and Romney and the fleeces are all of exceptional quality.  There are no known sheep diseases on the Falkland Islands and so there is no need for chemical dipping.  The fleece and fibre from the Falkland Islands is certified as organic.

I purchased 110g of combed top in colour way "Peaches and Cream", split into two equal parts and spun a single from each part.  Plied together to make a sport weight yarn with a total of 701m.

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