Sunday, 2 March 2014

White Romance Bridal Shawl - Design B144

I decided that I wanted to work through my vast yarn stash using up as many of the now discontinued yarns as I possibly could, starting with the thickest of the yarns, as I was running out of storage space for my yarn and this method would potentially free up the most space in the shortest amount of time.

I loved how Betty's shawl had turned out and I had only used about half of the white Rowan Romance that I had.  I decided to make another one.  I started knitting on 27th February and finished on 28th February 2014.  I then soaked and blocked it.

This is a really dreamy shawl, its not a pure brilliant white but more of a soft warm white with a hint of glitter and is so soft and warm too.  If I could still buy this yarn I would and I would make more of these shawls because I think they are perfect for weddings.

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