Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hillcrescent Farm Jacobs Fleece No.7

Time to get cracking on with another of the Jacobs fleece from a local farm.  This time I randomly selected Fleece No.7.

This was sheared on 26th May 2013, had not been skirted and had a good amount of surface VM.  After I skirted it it weighs 1.35kg, photos were taken after skirting had taken place.

I separated the colours as best as I could into black/brown, white and a mixture of the colours.  I washed and dried the colours separately, the water did go really really dark brown, and was left with 843g of clean fleece, a loss of 507g of dirt and grease, broken down as follows: 323g white, 263g black/brown and 257g mixed colour.

The White Fleece

I took 148g of white fleece and dyed it with ColourCraft All in One Dye shade Magenta.  After I combed it I was left with 74g of lovely combed top, a yield of only 50%, but it was full of rubbish and VM and what I got out of it was very lovely.

I spun two singles and plied it to make a Light Fingering weight 2ply yarn, 74g/311m.

The other 167g of white fleece was dyed using ColourCraft All in One Dye in shade Cyan and after combing I was left with 81g of lovely combed top. A yield of only 48.5% but again, what I got was very very nice.

When it came down to spinning, I decided to add a bit of sparkle so I got out my Angelina Fibre and spun my first single adding that in as I went along.  The second single I left plain, without the Angelina.  I then plied the two singles together to make a Sport Weight 2ply yarn weighing 82g/240m.

The Mixed Colours Fleece

I then took the 257g of mixed colour fleece and combed it, blending the colours as equally as I could as I went.  This gave me 120g of hand combed top, a yield of just 46.6%, which I spun 2ply into a lovely Sport Weight yarn which I have called Thunder Cloud and it is 120g/380m.

The Black Fleece

I combed the 263g of black fleece which was soon reduced to 133g of hand-combed top, a yield of 50.5%.  I plied the singles together to make a Sport Weight 2ply yarn which is 133g/441m.

So that is all of the fleece used up to make these fabulous skeins of yarn.

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