Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hampshire Down X Dorset Horn Part II

Following on from my earlier post, this is what I did with the rest of the fleece.

Type II

Longer, straighter locks and free of any black fibres.

This was so nice and clean and really white that I left it white.  I started out with 615g of this and by the time I had combed it and spun it I made 2 skeins of Double-Knit weight yarn both weighing 134g each, one with 361m and the other with 342m.  That's only a yield of 43.5% but look how nice the yarn is.

Type III

This was the longer, dark section of the fleece, containing a mixture of black short kemp like fibres and longer finer black fibres too.  I split this further still into a piles of the cleanest, whitest of this part of the fleece and piles of the dirtiest (having the most dark fibres), darkest parts of the fleece.  These will make two different yarns.

I firstly tackled the darkest parts of this fleece and started with 155g, ending with a Double-Knit Weight 2ply yarn that was 68g/240m.  A yield of 43.8%.

I dyed this yarn with ColourCraft All in One Dye in shade Ultramarine, and then used the left over dye on the Part I of the fleece, detailed in a previous post.

The lightest parts of this section weighed 315g and by the time I combed it I was left with 135g of combed top, a yield of just 42.8%.  I spun this into a Sport Weight 2ply yarn of 135g/437m and dyed it with ColourCraft All in One Dye in shade Light Brown but I call it Toffee Apple.

That is all of the yarns made from this fleece.  I hope you like them all.