Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Hillcrescent Farm Jacobs Fleece No.4, Part II

Further to my post back in January about Jacobs Fleece No.4 from Hillcrescent Farm, this time I have been working on making yarn from the mixed colours part of the fleece.

I decided to have a go at dying this fleece, knowing that colour would be taken up by the white or lighter parts of the fleece but not sure what would happen with the darker fleece.  I chose to combine two different dyes together to make up the amount of dye needed for the amount of fleece and see what would happen.  I chose Olive Green and Golden Yellow.

Hmmm, interesting!

I combed 212g of my dyed fleece, blending the colours together and was left with just 89g of combed top for spinning.  I had some similar coloured Kid Mohair that I bought from My Heart Exposed Yarns back in 2012.

I split the Mohair proportionately to the Jacobs and drafted them side by side, and then spun from both simultaneously holding the two lengths at the same time.  I made a yarn that is 160g/556m.

I didn't really like the colour of the finished yarn so I over-dyed it.  I ended up over-dyeing it twice in the same colour because the first time it was a little patchy and I had left the ties too tight and the dye didn't take in these parts, a bit like tie dying.

This time I used Greener Shades Dye at 1% made up of 75% River Blue and 25% Amazon Green and I love the colour that it has turned out.

First, it came out patchy but looks lighter than it actually was in these photos as I used the flash on my camera.

Then I done it again and took some glamour shots.

I will blog about the black from this fleece at a later date, once I have combed and spun it.

Monday, 1 June 2015

We've been camping in Wales!

I'm 42, I have never been camping in my life, ever, not even as a kid.  Hubby suggested earlier this year that we should go on camping holidays as it would be easier with the dog and the kids and its something he used to do years ago.  We go shopping at Go Outdoors for the tent and other equipment but I didn't like the look and feel of the tent he was looking at, with the girls growing up fast it wouldn't last us long as we would soon need a bigger one to cope with bigger people and I don't like to feel cramped up/penned in.  If we are doing this we are doing this BIG.

Big tent and equipment bought of a period of a few months and off we go camping during the school half term holiday at the end of May, Monday to Friday.  Hubby booked the pitch, based on recommendations from his brother and online reviews.  Hendre Mynach Campsite in Barmouth, Wales.

He had a large pitch with electrical hook-up and there are basic shower and toilet facilities and a shop on site.  The weather wasn't the best, we did have some cloudy days and some rain but it was a nice break and we did lots of walking and we all had a good time.  There is a railway line that runs between the beach and the campsite for local trains, which are about 1 an hour and it is segregated off from the campsite and you have to use the special crossing to get to the beach but other than that it is pretty quiet.  The campsite is really close to the beach, just across that railway line!

Above the town is a National Trust walk, Dinas Oleu.  The stone wall, in the second photo, can be seen on the first photo below, just slightly up from the centre of the photo.  There are some great views up there and plenty of fresh air!

The beach is dog friendly up towards the north end and so we spent a lot of time up there as we took our little dog with us on holiday.  Plenty of space too as not many people about.

The bottom photo below is about as north as we walked, and we walked a long way, and shows you just how close the railway line is to the sea.

Walking around Barmouth town we came across Dragon Theatre with a beautiful mosaic and interesting decoration either side of the front door.

Of course, we are in Wales, so we are bound to find some of these.  The sheep with the coloured spray on I think are Welsh Mountain sheep and the photos of the sheep on the hill with large stone areas I think are Lleyn Sheep but I'm not totally sure.

It was a good break, very windy, we could have had better weather but we could have had far worse too.  For a first camping holiday it certainly was an experience.