Sunday, 28 February 2016

Lincoln Longwool Lamb Part III - Purple

Following on from my last post about this fleece, this is the third and final part of the same lamb's fleece that I purchased back in July 2014.

I dyed this part of the fleece a really rich purple, very similar to Cadbury's purple, using Colour Craft All in One Easyfix dye in Purple.  I started out with 208g of dyed locks and after combing in was left with 129g of hand-combed nests ready to be spun, a yield of around 62%.

The camera flash has not helped with colour reproduction in the first photo, which shows the locks of dyed fleece drying after being dyed.  The middle photo shows some of the hand-combed nests and the final photo shows one of the "singles" on a bobbin after being spun containing approximately half of the spun nests.

This produced a Light Fingering weight yarn, 125g/432m that has strong rich colour and a fantastic lustre.

So that is all 3 different colours lots of the fleece, dyed and spun.  I was inspired to dye them these particular colours by something that I have had for many years and that is a tea-light lantern that I believe I purchased from Boots the Chemist more than 15 years ago, that has 3 different colours of glass panels, the colours are repeated around the back too.