Thursday, 21 April 2016

Pretty in Turquoise - Design LF433

I loved making that last shawl so much that I just have to make another one right now.  What colour though?   Oooh I have so many colours in all kinds of amounts but the main deciding factor is the main colour, the one that joins all the flowers together because you need 8 full reels of Goldfingering for that and with all but 7 colours now discontinued that makes it a little trickier.

What I did was to sort out what colours, other than gold or silver, that I have at least 8 full reels of or the equivalent of 8 full reels of and put these in little bundles and then looked at what colours were left and what would work with those main colours.  I have been able to sort out the colours for 6 more of these wonderful shawls in a good range of colour combinations.

I chose to use navy blue, white and turquoise for my next shawl.  The turquoise is the oldest thread, then the navy and the white is a new reel.  You can tell this by the way that it is wound onto the reel.

Initially I was unsure whether to use white for the centre with blue petals or blue for the centre with white petals but then nature provided the answer for me in the name of Anemone Coronaria.  Such a strikingly beautiful flower.

I started making this on 6th April and finished it on 19th April 2016.  Of course, with the thread being 80% viscose, 20% metallised polyester, the sun really does catch it wonderfully and makes it sparkle.  I hope the photo below in the top right of the group of four shows this off.

I love turquoise, it belongs to one of my favourite colour groups which are green-blues and blue-purples.

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