Friday, 30 September 2016

Baubles - September 2016

Carrying on from my post in August about making Christmas Baubles, these are what I made in September.  There are quite a lot!

80mm cerise glitter baubles with vintage pink Twilley's Goldfingering

80mm gold, silver and dark gold smooth baubles with vintage Twilley's Goldfingering

80mm gold glitter baubles with vintage bronze Twilley's Goldfingering

80mm gold glitter baubles with vintage green Twilley's Goldfingering
80mm gold  smooth and glitter baubles with vintage royal blue Twilley's Goldfingering
80mm glitter, shiny and matt gold baubles with vintage black/multi Twilley's Goldfingering

80mm gold shiny baubles with vintage burgundy Twilley's Goldfingering

80mm silver matt baubles with vintage bright red Twilley's Goldfingering

80mm black glitter baubles with vintage bright red Twilley's Goldfingering

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Brave the Shave 2016

No, I'm not shaving my hair for charity but my husband is.  We have had a number of friends and family that have battled Cancer, some of them have pulled through, some of them have pulled through more than once and sadly, some of them have not made it.

Garry decided some months ago that he was going to take part in Macmillan's Brave the Shave Fundraising Campaign and contacted the landlady of a local pub, The Railway Inn in Whitacre Heath, to ask if he could hold the event there.  The landlady, Maxine, not only agreed but she also decided that she would shave her hair and help out with the fundraising.

Money came pouring in from regulars at the pub and so did donations of prizes for a raffle that would be drawn on the night of the shave event, which was set for  17th September.  They even had an article in a local newspaper, which created even more of a buzz about the event and on the night the pub was packed to the rafters and a local man, know as Bear, also shaved his hair off.

I managed to get a video of my husbands shave, it is quite noisy with people shouting and talking but its good, no swear words or anything, or at least I didn't hear any.

In total Garry raised £401.95, I'm not sure how much Maxine and Bear raised but that is a nice boost to Macmillan's Fundraising.