Monday, 6 December 2010

Oh Baby Its Cold Outside

I just love that song by Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews.  So, in my little part of the world the snow has now melted away just leaving small patches of ice.

We awoke this morning to freezing fog and now that the fog has lifted it has left some beautiful things around the garden!

This is my Hebe covered in pretty ice crystals

How about a bit of spider web on some trellis

or even spider web around my washing line

I can't believe how thick the spider webs look, almost like funky fur yarn.

Here is one of my items which are a little like the ice crystals and spiders webs that are around this morning.


  1. i am loveing all the frosty pics popping up on peoples blogs today. Its my favorite thing about winter :D

  2. I like the pictures (frosty ones and the makey ones) It's shame you can't knit spiders webs when they look all spikey like that.