Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Spinning of pre-dyed Teeswater locks

Following on from my post regarding the preparation of the pre-dyed Teeswater locks that I got off Ebay, I had to decide what I wanted to do with my little piles of different coloured combed locks.    I spun all of the red/pink and the red/white into a single, mixing the colours up as I went.  I then spun all of the red/yellow and the red/green into a second single, again mixing the colours up as I went.  

I then plied these two singles together to create a 2-ply yarn which weighed 123g and was approx 106m long.  I made a simple scarf with a button fastening with the finished yarn.

I had a bit of left over on the red/pink and red/white bobbin and so plied this back on itself to create a little skein of yarn which weighed 16g and measured 15m.  I donated this little skein to my kids school for their craft work.

With the blue/green combed locks I made a pretty single ply yarn which weighed 20g and measured approx 59m.  I made a beaded lace headband with this yarn.

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