Sunday, 10 June 2012

British Wool Samples

As part of the promotion for the launch of The Campaign for Wool, the Wool Marketing Board in the UK offered some free samples on a first come, first served basis and I was lucky enough to get a pack.  The pack contained 4 different coloured wool samples but did not specify what breed they were from.  The white and the pink were both around 27g/28g each and the green and brown were both around 17g each.

I spun them as singles and then plied the green and the brown together and the white and the pink together to make two barber pole yarns.  When I spun the white, I added a bit of Angelina in Mother of Pearl colourway as I spun.  The green/brown yarn is 38g/60m and about a Double Knit weight.  The pink/white yarn is 55g/71m and about a worsted weight yarn.

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