Thursday, 7 June 2012

Preparing and spinning Coloured Ryeland

I want to try all kinds of different sheep fleece and I saw this small amount of Coloured Ryeland fleece on Ebay.  A bag of 120g of raw fleece from a young teenage farmer based up in Scotland.  Just the right amount to try a fleece.  I found quite a few small black dead beetles in the fleece, which scared me half to death but the at least it wasn't dead spiders, that would really freak me out!  I washed the fleece and left it to dry.

Dirty fleece on the left, clean fleece on the right.
I had a go at carding this fleece as the staple length wasn't really long enough for my wool combs.  I really struggle with carding and I can't make those nice little neat rolags to save my life so the best I could do was just card it and the lift it off flat.

I spun two singles from this fleece kind of woollen style and then plied together to make a yarn 73g/99m that is approximately an aran weight yarn.  I would like to try Coloured Ryeland again in the future when I have more experience and see what I can do with it then.

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