Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Spinning with beads and experimenting

When I bought my Ashford Joy Spinning Wheel, I got some fibre samples with it, including some Merino Slivers and some Corridale Slivers, just over 30g in each sample.
Top Row: Merino Sliver in shades Blueberry and Green Tea
Bottom Row: Corridale Sliver in shades Raspberry and Cheesecake
I had seen someone showing off their spinning with beads on a forum and I was very intrigued with the idea and so I Googled for information about how to do it.  Armed with this new knowledge I spun the Merino as singles and then I started Navajo plying, adding beads every now and then by putting the loop through the bead, sliding the bead up to the last loop and then spinning up to the loop and pulling a new loop through as you normally would with Navajo plying.

This is the YouTube video that I used to learn how to add beads whilst Navajo plying.  I hope you also find it useful.

The Blueberry yarn is about 33m long and has alternate blue lustre glass and Haematite beads and the Green Tea yarn is about 39m long and has green lustre glass beads.

The two Corridale Slivers, I spun from both at the same time to make a multi-coloured single and then Navajo plied it.  I am not overjoyed at the results but I called it Gryffindor for obvious reasons.

All three yarns were eventually used with lots of other yarns in small, striped projects.

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