Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Falkland Wool and Soy Bean Top

I bought some more pre-dyed spinning fibre to try, different to anything I have tried so far.  These are Falkland Wool Top from Dunnose Head Farm in the Falkland Islands, and Soy Bean Silk Top both bought from MandaCrafts, who dyed them.

The Falkland Wool Top is produced organically and on the Dunnose Head Farm website, it says this about their wool. "Naturally pure, naturally beautiful, and grown without the use of any artificial fertilisers, dips, injections or other chemicals, our wool is as unspoilt as you will find anywhere on this planet.  Hence the DHF green sheep logo - your guarantee of purity."

The Soy Bean Silk Top is the vegetable alternative to Silk and has been spaced dyed.  There is 150g of each fibre.

I spun both fibres individually and then plied them together.  I made two skeins of yarn, one is 148g/193m and the other is 138g/198m and both are Double Knit weight but because of the slight difference in measurements it will be best to use these working from both skeins, alternating every 2 rows to even the yarn out.

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