Monday, 8 October 2012

Bluefaced Leicester

Another purchase of spinning fibre, this time "Biffle Fibre" from an indie dyer, which is 100% Bluefaced Leicester dyed in oranges and reds and called "Solar Flares".

It is lovely and soft but I was a little shocked to discover that my hands turned red and orange during spinning and when I looked at the legs of my blue jeans, I could see very faint traces of dye on those too where the spinning fibre was brushing against them as it fed upwards from the floor into my hands.

I decided to leave it as a single and just full it (slightly felting it during the washing process so that it adds strength to the single without making the yarn strands felt to each other).  The amount of excess dye that bled out into the water was amazing and I suspect that it may bleed a little bit more when I knit with it and wash the final finished item but I hope not so much that my hands change colour again!

The skein weighs 115g and there are 430m of light fingering / lace weight yarn.

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