Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hillcrescent Farm Jacobs Fleece No.4, Part I

This is yet another of the Jacobs fleece that I bought from Hillcrescent Farm back in June 2013.  This time I selected Fleece No.4.

This was sheared on 26th May 2013, had not been skirted and had a good amount of surface VM.  After I skirted it it weighs 1.4kg, photos were taken after skirting had taken place.  I think this is from the sheep on the right in the photo.

I separated the colours as best as I could into black/brown, white and a mixture of the colours.  I washed and dried the colours separately and was left with 823g of clean fleece, a loss of around 577g of dirt and grease, broken down as follows: 364g black/brown, 247g white and 212g mixed colour.

The White Fleece

I took the 247g of white fleece and combed it, removing all the short bits and rubbish leaving me with 110g of hand combed nests.  I totally forgot to take any work in progress photos of this, what am I like?  Anyway, wanting to make a "negative" version of Remember, Remember the 5th of November yarn that I made from Hillcrescent Jacobs Fleece No.5, I decided to spin this in the same way but instead of using Black Jacobs, I used White Jacobs.  In total, with the addition of the colourful wool, I have 149g/283m and I call this "Gunpowder, Treason and Plot".

I will blog about the black and the mixed colours from this fleece when I get around to working on them.

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