Monday, 4 April 2016

Pretty in Lilac - Design LF433

I like to vary the craft that I do so I switched to crochet again.  Choosing both a design and thread from the 1970's, both by Twillley's, I set to work on making a fringed motif shawl.  I chose three complimentary colours that I had in the right amounts from my vast "collection" of discontinued Twilley's Goldfingering Thread.  Twilley's do still make Goldfingering but only in a range of 7 standard colours; black, white, gold, pale gold, silver, bright red, forest green, which is a shame because I love Goldfingering, its so sparkly.  The fibre content is 80% viscose, 20% metallised polyester.

I chose to use silver, purple and lilac, with the silver and purple in this instance being the older two of the threads.

Silver for the centres, purple for the petals of the flowers and lilac to join them all together.

I started this on 28th March and finished it on 3rd April 2016.  The next two photos show the shawl before soaking and blocking and the results afterwards.  Don't worry, the fringing isn't clumped together in strips that is just how I laid it out for the photos.

Close up photos of the affects of a soak and block and how it really defines the pattern.

I really really love the finished shawl.  Ok, so its not soft and cuddly, its metallised polyester so it's not going to be, but at the same time its not so scratchy that you can't wear it either.  It is really sparkly, especially under good lighting or sunlight and that fringing has such a good sway to it.  I have to make more of these in other colours, it would be rude not to!

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