Sunday, 7 July 2013

Black Shetland Beaded Lace Shawl - Design L7

I enjoyed knitting with my own hand-spun wool so much that I am keen to do it again but this time I want something a little more challenging.  I can't wait to start knitting with some Black Shetland wool that I have spun up and I do have quite a few skeins of it.  I've chosen a design that has a lot of beads and have ordered the beads to go with the yarn.  The beads I am going to use are Size 8 Toho round seed beads in shade 83 metallic brown iris.

I started making this on 15th April and with this design you have to thread a given number of beads into the yarn to make the beaded tassel as you cast on.  You then work the first part of the pattern and put to one side and repeat a further 6 times until you have 7 scallops.  They are joined together as you knit across all of them and continue making the design.  All beads other than the tassels were added painstakingly one-at-a-time over the individual stitches which means that they cannot move out of position by sliding along the yarn and into wrong place over a period of time.  There are 5,083 beads on this shawl.  Well I did say I wanted something more challenging!

It was all crumpled up when it came off the needles.

A good soak and block soon sorted it out and those are the same scissors in the first of the above before and the below after photographs to give some idea of what a difference finishing off a shawl properly makes to the final garment.

I finished knitting this on 5th July 2013.  I love this design as the shaping around the neck line helps to keep it in place and makes it sit where it should.

Want to know how I made the yarn for this shawl?  Just click Black Shetland Fleece

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