Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Wedding Shawl for Betty - Design B144

I was contacted by a relative in the U.S. to ask if I could possibly make a soft, white wedding shawl for her mother as her parents, Betty and John, were renewing their wedding vows after Betty was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  I immediately set to work and was able to get it on its way to the U.S. within a couple of days.  Inevitably it got caught up in the Christmas Post but it made it to its destination with a couple of days to spare before the ceremony.

I made the shawl using Rowan Romance in shade Glitter, a super bulky yarn of 36% acrylic, 27% nylon, 26% mohair and 8% polyester.  The yarn is no longer manufactured, which is a shame because it was so lovely.

Betty was given the shawl on New Years day but was too ill to sit up and so she snuggled it like a blanket and was able to appreciate its softness and how beautiful it smelt, as I soak all of my shawls in a product called Soak.

The renewal of vows ceremony took place on 4th January at their home with all of their family around them and Betty passed away in the early hours of 5th January holding hands with her loving husband of more than 55 years, John.

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  1. Beautiful, Julia! I am grateful to now have that shawl...