Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Gotland fleece part II

This follows on from my post about the problematical Gotland fleece that I bought earlier this year.

I took my 239g of shorter fibre hand combed nests and spun them into this lovely fine yarn to produce a Fingering Weight yarn of 235g/648m.  You may notice that 4g are missing, this was the last of the dirt that washed out after the combs opened up the locks.

I then went on to make a Sport Weight yarn, 2 skeins: 93g/307m and 101g/324m and its a medium-grey colour.

The last of the hand combed nests were spun into this Sport Weight yarn, 2 skeins: 115g/335m and 116g/342m and this is a dark grey colour.

Considering the fact that I spun the nests up randomly, I appear to have made two different shades of grey yarn from the longest fibres.  This has worked out pretty well I think seeing as there was no deliberate intention of making light and dark grey yarns, its done it all by itself.  Here they are, side by side.

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