Thursday, 7 January 2016

Lincoln Longwool Lamb Part II - Deep Violet

This is the second lot of dyed fleece from the same Lincoln Longwool Lamb's fleece.  This was the fleece that arrived in "unusual" packaging and was really damp and smelly.

This second lot, I dyed using Colour Craft All In One Easyfix dye in Deep Violet.  I started out with 207g of fleece and after I had combed this I was left with about 127g of nests to be spun, a yield of around 61%, less than the maroon but I did manage to felt a bit of the fleece so that had to be binned.

I took the photo of the dyed locks using the flash but this has severely distorted the colour.  The bottom photo is more true to colour.  I completely forgot to take photos of the fleece being combed or of the nests ready for spinning.

This made a Light Fingering yarn, 127g/404m that has wonderful lustre and depth of colour.

There is just one more lot of this fleece in another colour.  I can't wait!

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