Thursday, 2 June 2016

Camping in Somerset part IV

On our last full day of our holiday we decided to head off to Cheddar Gorge.  The weather was slightly overcast but you don't want it blazing hot when you are walking in the hills.  You have to drive up the steep winding road that cuts through the hillside above the town of Cheddar.  The roads are busy and narrow and there are tourists everywhere.  Its lovely walking through the town but a bit scary if I'm honest. 

There are a few attractions in Cheddar but we found them to be really expensive and walked away from them, as did a lot of other people who enquired about the prices so we decided to do the free hill walk instead.

We found the start of the hill walk in the town and made our way up and boy is it steep to begin with.  Its not for the faint-hearted and I must admit to having to stop several times on the way up but once you are up to the top it opens out to lots of space.

There is a large rock that sits just above the town that looks like a lion sitting there looking out over the Savannah.  It really is a long way up to the top.
There are wild goats living in the hills.  I have no idea what kind of goats these are but they are just walking around up there without a care in the world.  The black one was really nosy, it kept watching us.
When we got back to the town, where we had parked the car, we had fancy flavoured ice-creams before the drive back to the campsite and our last night of our stay.

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