Saturday, 7 April 2018

LF433 - Remember Me

My youngest daughter, who is on the Autistic Scale, has recently had to attend special workshop groups to teach her methods of how to cope with difficult situations that may be stressful, frustrating or emotional.  People with Autism really struggle with these things.  Whilst she was in the workshop group I sat in a lovely quiet part of the waiting area and crocheted, or at least I tried to crochet as much as I could but there was one woman, one of the workers that I will refer to as "gas bag", that kept talking to me every week incessantly about how I think my daughter is doing and probing into my feelings, she never shut up and never took the hint until the last week when I was very abrupt with her.  There is only so much a person can say on a subject and I'd said all I needed to by the end of the second week, which was weeks ago!

So, the project that I was working on, or trying to work on, was another Twilley's Goldfingering 1970's shawl and I kept this project just for the group sessions which meant that I started making the flower centres way back on 28th February and I started adding the petals on the 5th week of the group, getting 3 flowers complete in about an hour and a half.  The last week, the one where I got peace and quiet, I got 10 flowers completed in the same time, which shows how much of a distraction this gas bag was!

I am using all vintage threads for this, vintage silver for the flower centres, vintage red for the petals and vintage black for the main body.

It wasn't until I was crocheting with the black that I noticed that two of the flowers had 9 petals each and not the 8 that was needed so I had to undo the petals and correct them.  No doubt these are two of the three that I done when gas bag was talking to me.

I refer to this particular shawl as "remember me" because it reminds me of Remembrance Sunday and the parades that go with that.

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