Saturday, 19 August 2017

Pretty in the Meadow - Design LF433

My next shawl I've been wanting to make for some time but I had to work out how to place the colours in a way so that no two motifs of the same colour were next to each other, not even diagonally.  Now that I have done that using the rules of Suduko as a way of figuring this out I can get on and choose my colours.

I have lots of Twilley's Goldfingering, some in larger amounts and some in really small amounts, not always leftovers from other projects, sometimes I buy it in like that because its in with a 'job lot' that people are selling on Ebay.  The kids are off school for the 6 week summer break so its easy makes like this or spinning.

I carefully chose the colours to use, knowing which colour I would be using to join them all together helped as some colours looked too brash against this colour and got left out of the project.  A massive 9 colours in this one and all but two are Twilley's Goldfingering but they are both look-a-like threads and most of them are vintage too.

I kept this one quiet on Social Media, opting to show only one motif made so everyone thought I was making it in red, white and pale green.  Nope!!  The reaction when I showed the shawl pinned out and drying was pretty good.  I imagine people were like "What? Erhhhh? Wait?  I thought...."

This has turned out so pretty.  There may be more of these in the future, subject to left-overs and if I can find a colour that will tie them all together fantastically.

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