Wednesday, 14 February 2018

I've made a photo prop

I need to find something to photograph all my hand decorated baubles on in my mobile photography studio, which is basically a fold up half-metre square light tent complete with lights etc.  I knew that a small artificial Christmas Tree wouldn't work, the branches would be too small to accommodate the large baubles.  I done a search on Ebay and found a bauble holder and bought the largest one, which is supposed to be perfect for an 80mm bauble.  Bingo!  I thought.  How disappointed was I when it arrived and was too small for MY 80mm baubles. 

Yes they would fit if they didn't have hanging ribbons and didn't have decorations hanging below the bottom of the bauble.  Some quick thinking, plastic ties and a whole lot of bending into shape later and I have not only extended the holder but covered it as well. 

To make it I had to gently bend the top of the arch of the holder back to make it straighter, a bit like the letter J in reverse as opposed to its original letter C. I then used some artificial greenery to cover it, using the strong wires of the stem to form a hanging notch and fixing it to the original metal holder using plastic ties.  The problem was that the weight wasn't balanced now so it kept falling over backwards.  My solution to this was to strap the metal base to a large round cake board that I covered in some white satin.  This larger base prevented it from tipping over and the white satin helps it to blend in with the white fabric of the photography studio.

One photography prop finished and in use.

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