Sunday, 24 June 2018

Polwarth - Summer Skies

Back in April I spun up a compacted braid of Shetland wool that I called Lilac Sparkles and I said at the time that I had one more braid from the same supplier to work on.  This is it!

Its a pretty braid of Polwarth fibre, Polwarth is closely related to Merino and has a very fine fleece and I've recently made a shawl with some Polwarth that I prepared from fleece myself and spun up.

This one started out as a 140g braid in shade "Summer Skies" and it would have been interesting to spin this directly from the braid as it would have given a variegated yarn.

Sadly, I couldn't possibly spin this from the braid as it was too compacted so I had to put it through my wool combs to create lovely soft fluffy nests of fibre ready for spinning.  Look how wonderfully fine it is and how the colours have blended together.

I spun it up, noticing that it does still have slight shade variation throughout, producing an kind of two-tone effect.  I do only have 83g left out of the original 140g but I still have 274m of double knit weight yarn from this and it is really lovely and soft.

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